MAR 3rd 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly World
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In the latest example of occultism in US schools, a kindergarten teacher in Milwaukee has used a Ouija board with a class of five-year-old children, causing outrage among some of the parents.  Local US media are reporting that a mother is calling for the dismissal of her son's teacher. The unnamed kindergarten teacher has been put on administrative leave while Zablocki Elementary school conducts an investigation into the incident.

WISN, local Milwaukee news, reports an account given by one of the mothers of the children involved:

"They were shutting off the lights and making it dark and talking to spirits. That's not something that should be at school," the mother said of the game, which is said to be able to channel spirits.

In an email to the mother, the teacher said the Ouija board had been in the classroom since Halloween. 

"The kids have been asking for a scary story and I got the board and moved the paper clip to answer some of their questions. They asked about scary characters in movies. I did not say there were spirits. It was all done in fun. I understand your concern. It was silly and I'm sorry. I will take the board home and this won't happen again," the teacher said. 

The family said the children are too young to be exposed to the concepts of Ouija boards, and they believe the teacher should just stick to curriculum.

The 5-year-old is now having nightmares, the mother said. 

"He's scared now to go to bed at night, to be in the dark, anything alone," she said."

The mother is demanding that Milwaukee Public Schools officials dismiss the kindergarten teacher.


Over the past couple of years, there are increasing reports of occultism being introduced into US schools. There is a campaign by the Satanic Temple to establish Satanist after school clubs in US Elementary schools, that teach children aged between 4 and 12.  Satanist clubs are being conducted in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Pensacola, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Springfield, Tucson, and Washington DC. (There are no indications in media reports that the use of a Ouija board in the Milwaukee kindergarten class has anything to do with the Satanic Temple campaign).

It should be a matter of grave concern to parents in the USA that occultists and Satanists are seeking to introduce their children to occult practices that expose them to the devil and demons. It is grossly irresponsible of games manufacturers and retail outlets to sell Ouija boards as a harmless pastime. Exorcists and demonologists consistently report that Ouija boards can cause serious harm to those who use them, exposing them to demonic infestation and oppression.