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Vancouver Archbishop Condemns Euthanasia Provision for Hospice Care

FEB 27th 2018 By CNA/EWTN News

‘The government needs to immediately halt any efforts to force access to assisted suicide,’ said Archbishop J. Michael Miller.

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Former Boko Haram Prisoner: ‘The Rosary Saved Me From Captivity’

FEB 27th 2018 By Elise Harris/CNA/EWTN News

Rebecca Bitrus shares harrowing tale of faith and forgiveness.

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Sex trafficking, elderly suicide, and the legacy of China's one child policy

FEB 25th 2018 By Staff Reporter

Although China expanded its former one child policy to a limit of two children per family in ...

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Pope Francis: Fresh violence in Syria's Eastern Ghouta is 'inhumane'

FEB 25th 2018 By Staff Reporter

After a week of heavy bombardment near Damascus left hundreds of civilians dead, Pope Francis...

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Want Greater Protection for Your Child? Consider Marian Consecration

FEB 25th 2018 By Carrie Gress

COMMENTARY: Providing consecration in an accessible way to our children could be a life-changing event.

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This couple gave up everything to help Sudanese refugees in Uganda

FEB 24th 2018 By Staff Reporter

Selling everything and moving to Uganda to work with refugees is not likely on many people's ...

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Learn Benedictine Humility by Reading This Book

FEB 24th 2018 By Hannah Kubiak

BOOK PICK: Humility Rules

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Pope Francis returns to Rome after week of spiritual exercises

FEB 23rd 2018 By Staff Reporter

On Friday Pope Francis returned from his week-long Lenten spiritual exercises in Ariccia, whe...

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What's the point of fasting, anyway?

FEB 23rd 2018 By Staff Reporter

God commanded it, Jesus practiced it, Church Fathers have preached the importance of it – fas...

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Fr. Weinandy: We Are Witnessing the Disintegration of the Church’s Catholicity

FEB 23rd 2018 By Edward Pentin

In a landmark speech, the former head of the USCCB’s doctrinal committee says the Church’s leadership is attacking her identity and...

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Giving a Voice to Persecuted and Forgotten Christians

FEB 23rd 2018 By Susan Klemond

If we forget the persecuted Christians and don’t support them, something isn’t right in our own lives of faith and communion

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Exorcists Explain Ireland’s Rise in Demonic Activity

FEB 23rd 2018 By Patti Armstrong

When confession lines grow short, demonic activity increases

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Papal Foundation Divided Over Massive Grant to Troubled Italian Hospital

FEB 23rd 2018 By Judy Roberts

According to foundation stewards who object, the $25-million grant is of unprecedented magnitude, and departs from the foundation’s usual...

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13 Little Lenten Sacrifices

FEB 22nd 2018 By Sophia Feingold

There are a plethora of ways to practice Lent, even for those who can’t do a traditional fast.

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Pope Francis to Youth: Draw on God’s Grace to Take Courage, Overcome Fear

FEB 22nd 2018 By Edward Pentin

In this year’s World Youth Day message, the Pope gives pastoral advice on how to overcome fear, and tells young people not to be closed in a...