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Md pope francis at the general audience in st peters square on sept 20 2017 credit marina testino cna

Pope: All of Mass is important – don’t be late!

DEC 20th 2017 By Anonymous

Pope Francis on Wednesday stressed the importance of getting to Mass on time, noting that eve...

Md immaculate conception syriac catholic cathedral qaraquosh dsc 0123 682

Christians Ready for Christmas After the Caliphate’s Collapse

DEC 20th 2017 By Peter Jesserer Smith

Christmas in Qaraqosh is not just a celebration of Christ’s birth, but an exercise in hope for Christianity in Iraq’s resurrection...

Md hlmr rosary

Holy Land Military Rosary Gets a Second Chance, Needs Reinforcements

DEC 20th 2017 By Joseph Pronechen

Our military desperately need these free rosaries, and Augustine Institute is ready to ship them, but there’s a hitch in the supply lines.

Md turley christmas

A Curious History of Christmas in Great Britain

DEC 19th 2017 By K.V. Turley

Not so long ago, Catholics kept the Christmas season until the feast of Candlemas. Now, for some, it seems even 12 days is too long.

Md bonino end of life ap

Italy Faces ‘Dark Future’ After Passing New End-of-Life Law

DEC 19th 2017 By Edward Pentin

The new legislation, which allows adults to refuse ‘ordinary means’ of end-of-life medical treatment in living wills, also contains no...

Md cardinal stefan wyszynski and st john paul ii photo courtesy of adam bujak bialy kruk cna

Polish Cardinal, ‘Rosary Priest’ Among Sainthood Causes Moving Forward

DEC 19th 2017 By Hannah Brockhaus/CNA/EWTN News

Pope Francis on Tuesday recognized the heroic virtue of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and Father Patrick Peyton, an Irish priest known for his...

Md chen chien jens trip in vatican in 2016   16

Taiwan’s Catholic Church: Quest for National Identity

DEC 19th 2017 By Victor Gaetan

Part 1: The People’s Republic of China casts a long shadow on its independent neighbor to the south.

Md relics at st anthonys chapel pittsburgh  aug 07 2015 credit addie mena cna cna

Vatican Directive: Saints’ Relics Require Special Care

DEC 19th 2017 By CNA/EWTN News

Congregation for the Causes of Saints releases new guidelines regarding veneration.

Md pope francis celebrates 81st birthday with children dec 17 2017 credit lor cna

On his birthday, Pope Francis hosts pizza party for sick children

DEC 18th 2017 By Anonymous

Pope Francis celebrated his 81st birthday with a pizza party for sick children Sunday, reflec...

Md central embassy 498557 1920

6 Things You Discover When You Give Up Shopping

DEC 18th 2017 By Joan Desmond

If you stop thinking about what you want, it’s easier to see what other people need.

Md spencer makeup

Cosmetics and the Objectification of Women

DEC 18th 2017 By Susanna Spencer

“Since God himself is now near us, we can know him. He shows us his Face and enters our world.” —Pope Benedict XVI

Md sr lucy and our lady 5x

Sister Lucia Explains Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Is a ‘Must’

DEC 18th 2017 By Joseph Pronechen

The Fatima seer gives so many clear reasons for us to see why devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is essential

Md group picture inside the order of malta center

Spreading Christmas Joy: Lebanese Christian and Muslim Youth Serve the Needy Elderly

DEC 18th 2017 By Doreen Abi Raad

Poor elderly Christian residents in the Beirut suburb of Ain El Remmaneh benefited from a Christmas decorating project Dec. 9.

Md frapostoliobit

My Personal Experience With Fr. Andrew Apostoli

DEC 18th 2017 By Fr. Matthew Pittam

The writings and broadcasts of Fr. Apostoli are treasured because of his easy, direct and down-to-earth style.

Md aftermath of hurricane harvey in texas credit us national guard public domain cna

Knights of Columbus donate $1.4 million for post-hurricane rebuilding

DEC 17th 2017 By Anonymous

As Texas and Florida continue to rebuild from a devastating hurricane season, the Knights of ...