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Mary Ann Glendon resigns from Vatican Bank oversight board


Prominent American professor Mary Ann Glendon has resigned from the Board of Superintendence ...

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From North Korea to Catholicism: Mi Jin’s answered prayer

FEB 16th 2018 By Staff Reporter

During her childhood in North Korea, Mi Jin Kang never believed in the existence of God, unti...

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Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Petitions West to ‘Sympathize With Us’

FEB 16th 2018 By Doreen Abi Raad

Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II remains hopeful that his people can eventually return to the Nineveh Plain.

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Vatican Denies Rumors That Benedict XVI Has Degenerative Nerve Disorder

FEB 15th 2018 By CNA/EWTN News

Holy See says the retired pope is experiencing nothing more than the normal aches and pains of aging.

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In London Stands a Statue of the Long-Forgotten Lenten King

FEB 15th 2018 By K.V. Turley

“Keep the Faith against all things and all men”

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Blessed Paul VI and the Unborn Child

FEB 15th 2018 By Joanna Bogle

Paul VI’s steadfastness may have its own place of honor when the story of the defense of the unborn is chronicled

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Irish bishop calls for protection of the unborn ahead of abortion referendum

FEB 14th 2018 By Staff Reporter

Human life “from its tiniest origins” must be protected, Bishop Brendan Kelly of Galway and K...

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English bishop: marriage is God's gift, let us foster it

FEB 14th 2018 By Staff Reporter

Young people still desire to marry despite the crisis surrounding marriage in the contemporar...

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20 Holy Hacks for Lent

FEB 14th 2018 By Patti Armstrong

God cannot be outdone in generosity.

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The Fight Between St. Valentine’s Day and Lent

FEB 14th 2018 By John Grondelski

This rare convergence is a good time to remind people that true love demands sacrifice — and that contraception offends God

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How to Prepare for the Next 40 Days

FEB 14th 2018 By Sherry Antonetti

Be patient with these 40 days and allow the emptying process takes place.

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Lent Is the Perfect Time to 'Come Home,' Pope Francis Says

FEB 14th 2018 By Hannah Brockhaus/CNA/EWTN News

'Return without fear to those outstretched, eager arms of your Father, who is rich in mercy, who awaits you,' the Holy Father said at Ash...

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It’s a miracle: Lourdes healing officially declared supernatural

FEB 12th 2018 By Staff reporter

A miracle was officially recognized at the Marian shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in France thi...

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In an Age of Moral Confusion, We Must Be Clear About the True Meaning of Conscience

FEB 12th 2018 By Msgr. Charles Pope

True respect for the conscience of others means affirming them when they’re right and correcting them when they’re wrong

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Britain to Follow Poland and Ireland with Rosary on the Coast

FEB 11th 2018 By K.V. Turley

On April 29, the nations of England, Scotland and Wales will be joined in prayer around the British coast