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Abortion is Traumatic, Not Empowering

DEC 5th 2017 By Marcia Segelstein

“There are people out there to listen to your story. There are people out there to hear about your grief.”

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Science and Faith Unite in ‘Tomb of Christ’ Exhibit

DEC 5th 2017 By Nora Hamerman

National Geographic Museum offers insight into Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

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Advent Preparation: A Cheerful Giver Is a Cheerful Receiver

DEC 5th 2017 By Father Leo Patalinghug

COMMENTARY: If we’re good at receiving, then we’ll have lots to give this Christmas season.

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Pro-life student assaulted outside Planned Parenthood

DEC 4th 2017 By Anonymous

A 15-year-old student was taken to the hospital after a woman punched her in the face outside...

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Pope Francis Focuses Bangladesh Visit on Plight of Refugees

DEC 4th 2017 By Edward Pentin

The Holy Father concluded his weeklong apostolic voyage to Burma and Bangladesh Saturday.

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For US Catholics Concerned With Religious Liberty, Legal Battles Aren’t Enough

DEC 4th 2017 By The Editors

EDITORIAL: Catholics must do a better job of explaining why the Church and the nation need religious liberty.

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Advent is a time to prioritize God, overcome indifference, Pope says

DEC 3rd 2017 By Anonymous

On Sunday Pope Francis kicked off the Church's Advent season saying it is a time to let go of...

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Full text of Pope Francis’ in-flight press conference from Bangladesh

DEC 3rd 2017 By Anonymous

In a 58-minute conversation with journalists on his return flight from Bangladesh to Rome...

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Why You Need a “Soul Friend,” and How to Find One

DEC 3rd 2017 By Fr. Dwight Longenecker

The problem with finding a holy spiritual director is that they are often hidden. Here are the secret signs to look for...

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The Commercialization of Christmas is an Opportunity for Evangelization

DEC 3rd 2017 By John Clark

The commercialization of Christmas will obscure the theological importance and meaning of Christmas only if we let it.

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10 Classic Children’s Authors and Illustrators and their Works

DEC 3rd 2017 By Susanna Spencer

The things that my children see and read at a young age will shape their minds for their whole lives.

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It’s Advent — Time to Prepare

DEC 3rd 2017 By Michael Warsaw


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Advent: Decking Our Souls for the Nativity of Christ

DEC 3rd 2017 By Father Brian Mullady

COMMENTARY: This season is like cleaning the house for a Christmas party.

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Pope: What I don't say in public, I say behind closed doors

DEC 2nd 2017 By Anonymous

On his return flight from Bangladesh to Rome, Pope Francis offered journalists an insight int...

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Go to Mass on Sunday and on Christmas, bishops say

DEC 2nd 2017 By Anonymous

In a newsletter issued earlier this year, the U.S. Catholic bishops addressed questions regar...