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President Trump's inauguration showcased a confident Christianity

JAN 20th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

President Trump's inauguration stands out for its confident proclamation of Christianity and its honouring of the name of Our Lord Jesus...

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VP Pence places his hand on II Chronicles calling people "to turn from their wicked ways"

JAN 20th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

Vice President Mike Pence will be sworn into office using the Reagan Family Bible open on II Chronicles 7:14 which calls for the people to...

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US bishop forbids Mass in Extraordinary Form & ad orientem without "permission"

JAN 20th 2017 By Brian Willams

Bishop of Rockford has doubled down against our Catholic liturgical tradition under the false banner of unity by forbidding Mass in...

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Editor with children loses job on Christmas eve for criticising Amoris Laetitia

JAN 19th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

Catholic editor Henk Rijkers, a 59-year-old father of three adolescent children, was forced out of his job on Christmas eve for questioning...

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In Vatican II, Martin Luther would have "found his own council", writes Cardinal Koch

JAN 19th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

Cardinal Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity writes that in the Second Vatican Council Martin Luther would...

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Apologise to persecuted Christians for Koran reading in church, suggests Queen’s chaplain

JAN 18th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

The Rev Gavin Ashenden, the Queen’s chaplain, has demanded that St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow, should apologise to persecuted Christians...

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On feast of Chair of St Peter bishops appeal to Pope to confirm unchanging Church teaching

JAN 18th 2017 By Steve Skojec/One Peter Five

Three of the bishops of Kazakhstan have issued a joint statement imploring prayer that Pope Francis will “confirm the unchanging praxis of...

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Vatican to issue a commemorative stamp featuring Martin Luther

JAN 18th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

The Vatican's Philatelic & Numismatic Office plans to issue a stamp featuring the face of the heresiarch Martin Luther to...

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As a Catholic I'd take CS Lewis over Shūsaku Endo's "Silence" any day

JAN 17th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

Though CS Lewis was an Ulster Protestant he had a more Catholic sense of reverence towards the sacred image of Christ than Catholic...

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EWTN Pro-Life Weekly to debut with January special on March for Life

JAN 17th 2017 By EWTN

EWTN Global Catholic Network, in partnership with the Susan B. Anthony List, will launch EWTN Pro-Life Weekly in January with Host Catherine...

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2018 Synod will NOT raise priestly celibacy or woman deaconesses, says Card. Baldisseri

JAN 17th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

Cardinal Baldisseri, Secretary General for the Synod of Bishops, has insisted that the 2018 Synod will not tackle the issues of priestly...

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Cardinal to crown Our Lady of Fatima & consecrate England & Wales to Immaculate Heart

JAN 16th 2017 By Tim Tindal-Robertson

Cardinal Nichols will crown the World Apostolate of Fatima National Pilgrim Virgin statue and renew the consecration of our country to the...

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Bishop Schneider offers hope amidst a grave crisis permitted by “Divine Providence”

JAN 14th 2017 By Steve Skojec/One Peter Five

Bishop Schneider's replies to Steve Skojec's questions provide much-needed encouragement, consolation, and inspiration drawing on the...

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All questions have been answered concerning Amoris Laetitia

JAN 14th 2017 By Deacon Nick Donnelly

Cardinal Baldiserri, President of the two Synods on the Family, dismisses the need for further clarification of Amoris Laetitia,...

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Maltese bishops' implementation of Amoris Laetitia is a disaster, says canon lawyer

JAN 14th 2017 By Edward Peters, JD, JCD, Ref. Sig. Ap.

Dr Edward Peters concludes that the Maltese bishops have effectively invited the Catholics entrusted to them (lay faithful and clergy alike!)...