Documentary highlights life of religious sister who died in Ecuador earthquake

A new documentary film entitled “All or Nothing” tells the story of Sister Clare Crockett, a religious sister who died in the earthquake that took place in 2016 in Ecuador.

26 Feb 2020
Buffer zones and abortion clinics: why this English bishop is concerned

After a London borough passed an ordinance earlier this month establishing a buffer zone around a local abortion clinic, Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth said he was concerned by the unjust measure.

20 Feb 2020
The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ and the Tragedy of Friendships Forsaken

Sixty years ago, in 1960, a group of young friends formed a musical band called the Beatles. Ten years later, in 1970, the same group, older men now, legally dissolved the band.

19 Feb 2020
Church of England affirms sex is only for heterosexual marriage

Sex is reserved for married heterosexual couples, new pastoral guidance from the Church of England has affirmed. The new guidance also draws a clear distinction between marriage and civil partnerships, noting that sexual relations are not proper to the latter. 

19 Feb 2020
Don’t call a pro-life midwife, UK university said

An undergraduate student in a midwife program was barred from placement in a hospital, reportedly due to her pro-life beliefs. The decision was overturned last week, but free speech advocates say the case is troubling.

19 Feb 2020
Priest in N Ireland cancels Sinn Féin meeting at parish hall over abortion

A pastor in Northern Ireland barred earlier this month the Irish nationalist party Sinn Féin from holding a meeting at a church-owned hall over its support for abortion rights.

The party has historically enjoyed significant Catholic support.

19 Feb 2020