Women of Grace, Radio - 01/14/2019 - Baptism
Baptism WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams looks today at the writings of Fr. Emile Neubert. In his book “My Ideal- Jesus, Son of Mary” he looks at the power of Jesus baptism. Caller Melissa wants to know was Jesus an adult or and baby when baptized? Christina called in and wants to know if the upcoming retreat that Johnnette will do is for her. She has a friend who recently lost her husband and wants to know if she should come or go to a wedding. ON Youtube AnnaMarie want to know if the little ones who you should not hurt are children or those young in the faith. Anthony has 3 questions on Purgatory, Heaven or memories. Listen to Johnnette’s advice to all of these callers on today’s WOMEN OF GRACE.