Who is God to me?
Beginning: God, we speak of God all the time. When we use the word, we think we know just what we mean: but Who is God? What do I mean when I use the word: “God”? The Christian God, Who is completely other than His Creation, is a perfect community of eternal love, eternal union: the Blessed Trinity. This God, out of sheer generosity, decided to create a world, to create space and time, to create something where there had been nothing. The most important thing is to remember that God create me to know, love and serve Him - as St. Ignatius says, to “praise, reverence and serve Him” and by this means to save our souls. What has my own journey in faith been like? What did God have in mind when He created me? 1. Who is God, to me? Trinity of persons. 2. God is Creator: in relation with His world. First Principal and Foundation. 3. Why did God make me? He likes stories! Spiritual autobiography. 4. God calls me by name. Ex. 3:13-14. 5. Self-knowledge through daily examen. General Readings: Gen. 1-2. Isaiah 43,44,54,55. Ps. 1,8,23,27,42,139. Grace: Thanksgiving for the blessings of my life. Conclusion: Where do I encounter God? He speaks to us in Creation. He speaks to us in beauty, and in the stories that fill His Scripture. God made man, an old Jewish proverb has it, because He likes stories. We encounter God in our own stories, for in our lives we witness to the power of God at work in all times and places. The very fact of being is a hymn to God’s Glory: but to bring this to mind, to praise, reverence and serve God for this, let us look at His work as Creator, and seek His hand in the world around us and in the mysteries of human life, in our own lives not least of all.