The Fall: Freedom Abused, Will of God Disobeyed
Beginning: We are most Godlike in our freedom: it is at the basis of our ability to love. To freely love is the heart of all glory. That takes concrete form in obedience. God took a great risk in placing the wild-card of freedom into His Creation. Some of the angels abused that freedom, and refused to serve God, but rather turned in on themselves. Then our first ancestors shared in this rebellion, this Fall. The love and perfection collapsed into darkness and misery. Christ on the Cross will be God’s remedy for this: what has my response been, what should it be? 1. The will of God: obedience. Mt. 8:21-23. Jn. 4:34, 6:38. 2. The Fall of the Angels: “I will not serve.” Rev. 12:7, 20:9-10. 3. Creation and Fall of Adam and Eve. Gen. 2-3. 4. Colloquy before Christ Crucified: What have I done, should I do for Christ? Grace: A desire for obedience in union with Christ. Conclusion: The effects of sin, then, are great: the soul is in the body as in a prison, man is present in the world as among wild animals, as St. Ignatius says. The effects of sin are not to be minimized: sin brought with it a whole avalanche of misfortunes concluding in the death of man. Yet God’s image in the human soul was blurred, not destroyed. Thus, there is a remedy given by God for man’s fallen state: it is humble submission which is to replace willful disobedience.