Kingdom of Christ, Kingdom of the Heart
Kingdom of Christ, Kingdom of the Heart. Beginning: What a delightful thing it is to have hope, to harbor a vision in one’s heart! What a wonderful thing it is to speak of the “Kingdom of God,” that phrase that was always on the lips of Our Lord! There is a hunger in the human heart for this vision, a natural hunger, often abused in this world, but there nonetheless. Christ the King is the realization of all our hopes. The Blessed Trinity missioned Him into this world, to lead it back to the obedience for which it was intended. And He came through the most perfect of vessels, the greatest of our human race, Mary. Today we look at the “yes” of Mary, which undid the evil brought into Creation by the “no” of Satan, and of our first parents. 1. The Kingdom of Christ: God’s vision in Christ. Kingdom of the Heart. Rev.3:20-21. 2. Incarnation: Trinity’s vision. Annunciation. Luke 1:26-56. Mary’s “yes.” 3. Nativity of Christ. Lk. 2:1-20; Mt. 1:18-2:23. Grace: To know Jesus intimately, to love and follow Him. Conclusion: God’s love is so overwhelming, that not only did He choose not to permanently let the rebellious creation continue on its road to Hell, but He entered into that Creation itself, becoming man for us. God is at work for our salvation, and His friends - the holy ones, Our Lady, St. Joseph - and many others are at work as well, enduring all sorts of hardships for our salvation. Let us then pray for the grace to imitate Our Lord as closely and as generously as we can, and adore Him in the watches of the night. Like the humble shepherds and the wise Magi.