Jesus as Teacher and Leader
Beginning: Jesus returns from the temptations full of the Spirit of God, full of joy, embarked on His mission. He returns to Nazareth, His home town, but though His neighbors were enthusiastic at first, their spirit soon turned against Him. So He moved on, calling men to be with Him “on the road”, bringing the good news - and the reality - of the Kingdom of God among men. We see Him perform His first miracle at Cana in Galilee, at the intercession of His Mother. We listen to Him teach, laying out what we could call His “program” - but it is unlike any other program the world has ever seen. 1. Jesus returns to Nazareth. Lk. 4:14-30; Mk. 6:1-6. 2. The Call of the Apostles: companions. Mt. 4:18-22, Mk. 3:13-19, Jn.1:35-51. 3. Cana. John 2:1-11. 4. Jesus’ program: the Beatitudes. Mt. 5:1-11, Lk. 6:20-49. Grace: To desire that which God desires for me. Conclusion: In the Beatitudes, we see capsulated the goodness and wisdom that Jesus had learned first in His own home, watching His Mother and His foster father live, watching them listen to the Word of God as it was lived through the simple, good people of Israel, the faithful ones, the anawim. Then as He looked around Him, He raised His eyes, and blessed the simple, good ones. And He proclaimed to the world the truth that the Kingdom of Heaven is found on earth, among the people the world would reject, the people the world would destroy if they were to become “worldly.” What greater promises has anyone ever heard than those that Jesus gave! And the simple price is to become little, childlike, hidden, humble. Just like Jesus.