The Choice, and its Consequences
Beginning: To know God’s will for me would be the greatest joy I could imagine - of course, presupposing I would have the generosity to aim at realizing that will! It is not always easy to know God’s will, though, even with the best of intentions. With God’s help, and patient prayer, I can come to know that which God intends for me with great clarity and peace and joy. Of course, this will lead me to Calvary, for it is there, par excellence, that I am united with Jesus, and that is the highest thing a disciple, a lover, could desire. And so we look at what happens to the One Who does the will of God, who realizes it fully in His life. We look at Jesus as He begins His journey home to the Father. We enter into His Last Supper, with His beloved friends, and the dark events of that time when the drama of Jesus’ earthly life reaches its crescendo. Election: Choosing the will of God. 2. Jesus washes His disciples feet. Jn. 13:1-20. 3. Jesus institutes the Eucharist. Jn. 6. Lk.22: 14-23, Mt. 26:20-29, Jn. 13: 21-30. 4. Last Supper Discourse. Jn. 14-17 5. Gethsemane: “Thy will be done.” Mt. 26:30-46, Mk.14:26-42, Lk.22:39-46. 6. The Betrayal of Jesus: His arrest. Jn. 18:1-11. Grace: Sorrow, shame that Our Lord is going to death for our sins. Conclusion: If I really want to do the will of God, it will take me to a Cross - for Jesus said, if anyone would come after Him, he must take up his own Cross and follow Him. He has done everything to make that possible for us. He prepares a banquet for us, and gives us His own Body and Blood, in the form of bread and wine, so that His very substance can be shared with us. He does not send us anywhere He has not already gone: no, He is the “pioneer of our salvation” breaking a way through the darkness of terror, agony, betrayal, and suffering. We need never be alone again, because He has gone this way before us.