Jesus’ Death and Burial
Beginning: Jesus enters into the journey which will take Him to the Father fully united with the will of the Father. He passes through the hands of men, and so doing reveals Man - He Himself is the Perfect Man, who reveals that which is in human hearts. “Ecce homo” - behold the fate of man in this world. The Lamb of God moves through the lion’s den of the trials of human judges, and walks His way to Calvary. He dies with a cry of abandonment on His lips, united with the suffering of all sinners. From His pierced side will flow the lifegiving streams of blood and water. The Church is gathered at the foot of His Cross, His Mother and His Beloved Disciple. Then he is buried, and with Him, all our fondest hopes and dreams, and that which seemed to be the promise of the Kingdom of God come with power. 1. Trial and Way of the Cross. Mt. 26:1-27:66; Mk. 14:1-15:47; Lk. 22:1-23:56; Jn. 18:1 - 19:42. 2. Jesus’ Body is pierced. Jn. 19:31-37. 3. Mary and John at the foot of the Cross. Jn 19: 25-27. 4. Burial and Descent. Jn. 19: 31-42, Mt. 27:51-66; 1 Peter 3:19,4:6. 5. Home with John and Mary. Grace: Sorrow and anguish with Christ, tears and deep grief. 12. Conclusion: We have seen the King of Glory walk a way that no one had ever walked so fully before, bearing all the sin, the grief, the injustice, all the misery and heartache of the world. He has done this out of love for sinful humanity, that humanity He embraced by His Incarnation, that humanity He identified with at His baptism, that humanity with whom He lived for 33 years on earth. He was faithful to the end. And those who loved Him grieved, and went home as one does after a beloved is buried, to quietly await the mysterious will of God which had chosen to remove from their Presence the One who was their light and life.