The Resurrection and Beyond
Beginning: Christ is Risen! The joyful cry echoes throughout history, in every human language: He is truly risen! Alleluia becomes the cry of the Christian soul, which labors under the standard of the Cross, knowing that in His Resurrection, the victory over all the enemies of God and His beloved creature, man, is final. Jesus reveals Himself to His followers throughout forty days, during which time He is forming the community, developing what St. Paul would later refer to as “the traditions.” He “went in and out” among them. Each reacted differently, for He encountered each differently, even as He had called them individually at first. When the time is ripe, He leaves their sight, promising to send them the Holy Spirit, that the Church might fully share that Spirit which is the bond of love of the Blessed Trinity. 1. First appearance: to Our Lady. 2. Resurrection appearances Mk. 16:1-18; Mt. 28; Lk. 24; Jn. 20-21. 3. Ascension: Lk. 24:50-53. Acts 1:1-11 4. Final Contemplation: God will be “all in all.” Romans. 8, esp. 18-25. Grace: To experience intense joy and peace in the Risen Lord. 13. Conclusion: The vision of the Contemplation proposed by St. Ignatius invites us to dwell in the fulness of the glory of the Resurrection. The mission the Father gave the Son has been fulfilled: the world is reconciled with the Father, the fatal rupture has been healed through the wounds of the Risen Son. Now, through His wounds light pours out into the world. As we move from our retreat back into the world, let us who have come to know and love Jesus better draw closer to His infinitely powerful heart, and bring with us all that we know and love to Him, that all might be bathed in his Blood, and drawn to the Father who desires nothing less than that all the Creation might be the theater of His glory, radiant in every particle of Being, in every moment unto ages of ages, even til the end of time. It has been a blessing, pilgrim, to be with you on this holy mountain of God.