Ireland Consecration to the Immaculate Heart
Last week Irish President Michael D. Higgins signed into law legislation that permits the killing of Irish babies right up to and including the birth of a child. The culture of death has descended on Ireland - Or has it? Kathy talks to Caroline Simons of the Ireland Pro-Life Campaign to examine what this law means and where the pro-life movement goes from here. Part 2. For two years there has been a massive movement in Ireland to request the Irish bishops to consecrate the nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Recently the bishops announced that a consecration would be made in the national shrine at Knock on August 15th. Questions are being asked why this consecration will not mention Ireland and why the Irish bishops will not be taking part collectively. Simon Galloway of the 'Steering Committee for the National Consecration of Ireland' says that while this consecration may not be collegial it is still important for Ireland. Kathy asks Simon to clarify the situation.