Blessed Miguel Pro
November 14, 2018
by staff
Blessed Miguel Pro


In November, 1927, Blessed Miguel Pro, a Jesuit priest, was arrested with the trumped up charges of attempting to assassinate the ex-president of Mexico, Alvaro Obregon. President Calles then gave orders to have Pro executed for the assassination attempt, but in reality it was for defying the virtual outlawing of Catholicism in Mexico. On November 23, Blessed Miguel Pro was killed by a firing squad. As he walked by the squad, he blessed the soldiers. He then knelt and prayed quietly. Declining a blindfold, he faced his executioners with a crucifix in one hand, a rosary in the other and said aloud, "May God have mercy on you! May God bless you! Lord, Thou knowest that I am innocent! With all my heart I forgive my enemies!" He then shouted, "Viva Cristo Rey!" (long live Christ the King) as the firing squad shot him. The execution was photographed in detail and the images published in newspapers throughout the country in the following day, in the belief that they would discourage Catholics from practicing their faith. However, the pictures taken during the execution had the opposite effect, strengthening the faithful in their resolve. It is believed that more than forty thousand people attended the funeral of Father Miguel Pro, and more than twenty thousand awaited at the cemetery, even though such religious gatherings were not permitted by the government.


Blessed Miguel Pro Kneeling