Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to St Clare Media (EWTN) Ltd to help further the evangelisation efforts of the Catholic global media network EWTN in Great Britain.

Provide Your General Information

To enable us to plan for the future, it would greatly help us to know what your plans are. For this purpose, kindly fill out this form. We understand that your circumstances may change, and any details you may provide do not obligate you in any way. Please post your form to

St. Clare Media (EWTN) Ltd
PO Box 913

New Wills

If you are making a new Will and wish to leave a proportion of the residue of your estate, or perhaps a fixed cash sum, to help St Clare Media (EWTN) Ltd, you can use this form of words. We recommend you seek advice from a solicitor when drawing up your Will.

Codicil for Existing Wills

If you have already made your Will but would like to change it in order to leave a share of the residue of your estate to St Clare Media (EWTN) Ltd, you may make a new Will, or you may add a Codicil to leave a fixed sum, using these words.

Thank you for supporting EWTN's mission at the service of Jesus Christ and his Catholic Church.

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